2008zhaustcalendarJoyann is definitely a winner being the face of Zhaust.com for 2008. She has been gracious enough to take a little time out of her busy schedule to talk with us [interview below]


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Zhaust: So Joyann it has been a bit of a challenge to finally catch up with you. You've been busy traveling through the Caribbean dancing with Alison Hinds. What is that like?

Joyann: This has been a great opportunity for me. I have had the privilege to travel to many countries, Caribbean and abroad with a great artist such as Alison Hinds. I am very grateful that I have the chance to be a part of something so different to the typical 9-5 job. It is very exhilarating. It has also been a lot of fun meeting different people as well.

Zhaust: Well congrats. It's always good when you can do something you enjoy. Is it hard work?

Joyann: It’s not hard but yes it takes a lot of energy and time but when you are doing something you love to do you it just feels good.

Zhaust: Nice. And what about the calendar? Was it fun working on that project? I know those creeps at zhaust.com can be real perverts

Joyann: Well yes they can be a little creepy especially this one guy but all in all it was fun. This is the second year I was considered to do the calendar. They made me feel very comfortable especially at the photo shoot. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Zhaust: Oh don't worry about that guy. He just has a problem expressing himself, but he's quite harmless.

Joyann: Ok [lol]

Zhaust: I know you may be more popular as a dancer but how long have you been modeling?

Joyann: People know me as a model more than a dancer. They are now getting to know me as a dancer. They still ask me about modeling. I started modeling in 2001.

Zhaust: Ok. Forgive me for being rude but how old are you?

Joyann: [Lol] its not rude. I’m not like other women; I have no problem telling my age. I’m 23yrs old.

Zhaust: Ok. You must feel quite lucky to achieve such an accomplishment at your young age. I mean, this is the zhaust.com calendar after all.

Joyann: Are you serious? [lol]

Zhaust: Amm..I think so.

Joyann: Opportunities just fall into my lap. When something is for me I get it at the right time and doing this calendar has been a first time experience as well. I am very grateful.

Zhaust: So besides looking pretty what do you do for fun?

Joyann: For fun, I like to hang with my friends, I also enjoy reading; but I don’t have much time to hang out nowadays so traveling is one of my fun past times now.

Zhaust: What kinds of books do u read?

Joyann: I love romance novels. I read a lot of magazine as well, but I used to read lots of Archie comics. I just love them [lol].

Zhaust: Wow. Good looking and can read. I could never get the reading thing done. Maybe it's time I learned. You seem much more down to earth than many girls in the modeling/entertainment industry. Why is that?

Joyann: Because life can change at anytime. What I mean by that is you can be a super star multi millionaire and it all can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye in many ways. We all are human. I just stay humble and grateful for each day the lord has given me on this earth.

Zhaust: So let’s get personal. Do u get hit on often?

Joyann: Honestly yes [lol]

Zhaust: What qualities would a guy need to have in order to get your attention?

Joyann: A guy who is open and honest. One who is sincere and has a sense of humor. He needs to have good communication skills as well. Communication is key.

Zhaust: You have a boyfriend?

Joyann: Yes

Zhaust: Damn, what a let down...I mean...that's great. I guess I’m out of luck; and I was even willing to try to be honest for once. Anyway, do you like motor sports?

Joyann: Well I like to see the hot cars but to say I am into motor sports would be a lie. Sometimes I would go to watch if my friends are going but not that often.

Zhaust: What’s your favorite car?

Joyann: The Porsche because they are so cute and sophisticated

Zhaust: Any shout outs?

Joyann: Shout out to the Skeetes family, my mother Beverley, my father, my sister Tracey, nephew Amar, Ryan and the Weekes and Hinkson Family, all my friends, Big up to Alison Hinds and the band (my touring family) [hehe]. All who supported me as well.

Zhaust: Well Joyann it’s been a pleasure. I know you have to run off now.

Joyann: No problem at all. Thanks for having me.