Well it's time for a surf update;
First point of order is congratulations to my Chefette Speed Team mates. To Neil, what a great victory, I am really happy for you. The Boss Man above couldn't have picked a better winner. And to Roger, Josh Reid impresses me so much and you beat him, so well done, both you guys have made me and a lot of our Bajan rally fans real proud and happy, congrats guys. Onto the surf report...
An early morning call from my engineer brought more bad news. His advice to me was that the whole hydraulic system needs to be replaced due to contamination caused by a failed filter. Consequent discussions with the relevant personnel at M-Sport, showed one option only. The whole hydraulic system would need to be sent to M-Sport, where they could rebuild it, test it and return it. In the spirit of "never give up", I made the necessary arrangements to have that done. My sister and her daughter took off on the Virgin flight this evening headed for Gatwick, London. They arrive at 6am UK time and then fly to Newcastle in Scotland. From there they will hire a car and drive an hour and a half to M-Sport. They should be there by 2pm. M-Sport are awaiting its arrival and are ready to do the rebuild. By midday on Thursday or shortly after, my sister should have the rebuilt system in her hand and she will be flying back to Gatwick at 6pm that evening. Friday morning they will fly back to Barbados with the bits arriving here just after 2pm. My engineer from England comes in on Thursday, so he will be here to oversee the fitting and testing of the newly rebuilt system. I am sure the whole team of mechanics, the engineer, Brett, Richie, Damian and Troy will all know a lot more about the hydraulic system when this is all done. Once everything goes to plan, my machine should be back with me by Friday night. Then I can get some sleep, eat some good food, drink good water and be ready for battle over the 2 days of the rally. So that's the latest, I will update you all tomorrow night again, until then, the surfer is out.