DSC_0196In many circles the car in this feature story is widely regarded as a legend. It has been whispered about in conversation across Barbados but very few have been lucky enough to see it in action for a few fleeting moments. Now after two years of development in the hands of David Balgobin and Scott Bentham we feature one of the most widely anticipated street cars of this generation.


Ironically, one of the most striking aspects of this Mitsubishi Evolution 9 is the understated matt black finish, which was actually done in Plastidip, the new phenomenon which allows you to quickly and economically change the colour of your car; a service provided by Auto Solutions Inc.


The car sits pretty on gold CCW forged multi-piece 18" racing wheels with a deep chrome band. These protrude ever so slightly outside the fender flares and further enhance the car's belligerent character. Yokohama Advan A048 235/40/18 tyres all around complete the wheel package.


While the Lancer has many bits to help it go forward, it has been sensibly fitted with a Stop Tech big brake kit [6 piston front, 4 piston rear] to ensure it stops when the pressure is applied.


Not to be left out, the suspension was upgraded to 32 way adjustable coilovers by Oilins, as well as H+R antiroll bars, chassis braces and upgraded suspension arms.


Under the lightweight carbon fiber hood resides a 2.3 litre stroked 4G63 power house, fixed onto the chassis with Torque Solutions engine mounts.


The clear timing assembly cover reveals the Tomei cam gears, which adjusts the timing of the intake and exhaust cams from the same manufacturer. An AEM V2 ECU manages the Sparktec ignition and Injector Dynamics 2200CC injectors.


The Evo has been tuned to run on C85 ethanol race fuel and to satisfy the increased fuel requirements an AEM fuel rail, -10 fuel lines and a Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator were installed. The induction system was redesigned to accommodate the massive GT35R turbo currently peaking at 32psi. The setup includes a Skunk2 Pro Series 3inch throttle body and intake plenum, Tial sneezer, a 4inch intercooler with cusco mounting bracket and 3inch plumbing.


The Odyssey compact battery was installed not just to make space in the engine bay but also to shave some valuable pounds off the total weight of the car.


An ETS manifold and Turbosmart wastegate were fitted on the exhaust side http://itspharmacy.ne... 4 inch exhaust piping ensures the quick evacuation of spent gases. To keep the engine at optimum operating temperature an upgraded Mishimoto radiator was fitted.

DSC_0256One of the least visible aspects of most cars is the drivetrain. For this project, considering the potential power output of the engine, the entire drivetrain assembly has been bulletproofed.


To accommodate the massive torque output a PPG dog gear box, AMS Differential and differential brackets and Sheptrans transfer case were installed. These deliver power to the four wheels via upgraded Drive Shaft Shop drive shafts. Gear selection is done with the Ikeya sequential shifter.


The interior has its fair share of modifications as well. Most noticeable is the six point roll cage, painted in Cusco's trademark metallic blue. Safety and security have also been fortified with the addition of a pair of Takata 3inch four point harnesses which keep pilot and co-pilot firmly positioned in the Recaro bucket seats.



Just beyond the Sparco 330mm steering wheel are Carbon mounted Defi oil pressure and boost pressure gauges, shift lamp, gear selection indicator and STM Ghost carbon shifter paddles.


With a list of modifications as long as a quarter mile and the performance to match, this Evo 9 has thrown down the gauntlet and has staked its claim as the King of the Streets. It is even rumored that in a crate somewhere in a dark room, lies a dormant motor even more powerful, even more hostile, even more vile, patiently awaiting transplant into this beast of a car. The legend lives on.