DSC_0054Those of us car enthusiasts from the old school would be very familiar with the name 'Sarge'; whether it be for his vehicles fitted with window rattling bass speakers, ground scraping body kits or funky hydraulic suspension that stopped traffic around town. Or maybe it's his airbrushed graphics that were customary on any popular minibus or route taxi in the '90s. Regardless, Andrew 'Sarge' Seargent is a legend on the Bajan automobile landscape and in 2013 he's back to remind us that he's not finished yet, but this time...he brought Godzilla with him. It's therefore only fitting that Zhaust begins our 'Back-to-the-Streets Tour' with a product of one of the men that started it all.

DSC_0089To have a R35 Nissan Skyline GT-R in your garage would make any car aficionado very satisfied. It is a supercar by all rights, with its standard 20" wheels, chunky metalwork, four wheel drivetrain connected via carbon-composite shafts and mated to a super fast dual clutch rear mounted gearbox powered by a 3800cc twin turbocharged V6 motor producing 480bhp and 434 lb ft of torque @ 3200rpms. That's quite a mouthful. However to Sarge, these specs just served as a good baseline with which to start.DSC_0070

What stands out most on this GT-R are the obscene 22" white five spoke Vossen wheels, giving an uninhibited view of the huge cross drilled brake rotors and 6 piston Brembo calipers, custom coated in powder blue, which matches the colour scheme. Although the wheels are large, the Skyline spins them with effortless ease and the Pirelli P-Zero tyres (245/30/22 front + 295/25/22 rear) are no match for the torque of the longitudinally mounted engine.

DSC_0074Nissan has sculpted the GT-Rs rear wing beautifully and this forms part of the aerodynamic package which comes standard on the GT-R, which includes a completely flat underbody and rear diffuser which combine to suck the car to the ground at high speeds.

DSC_0144The body kit and front splitter are all custom designed and crafted by Andrew himself. These not only give the car a beefier appearance but also an impression of a lower profile than it really has on the H+R springs. The custom carbon canards compliment the other CF bits nicely along with the custom fitted daytime running LEDs.

DSC_0123_2The blue graphic strips running along the side and strategically placed logos, printed by Illusion Graphics, stand out against the Subaru white paint finish. The interior has been untouched but with good reason. The luxurious leather bucket seats not only embrace you but provide the necessary support required when cornering at high speed. The GT-R is known to be one of the best handling sports cars due its advanced electronics, which helped it lap the famous Nurburgring Nordschliefe circuit in 7min19.1sec, making it the ninth-quickest street-legal vehicle in history to do so.

DSC_0126The baby blue theme continues in the engine bay as can be seen on the induction piping, select silicon hoses and engine cover. The engine has been untouched so far apart from the addition twin Tial blow off valves and K+N filters on the intake side.

DSC_0124GT-Rs are known to be very quiet, but this specimen is anything but quiet. The axle back system is standard GT-R issue but breathing efficiency has been improved via upgraded down pipe and center pipes. The note of this engine, which was created by one of only eight people on earth qualified to do so, is extremely loud but possesses a crispness that makes your hair stand on end. This unmistakable sound along with the split second upshifting make this car easy to distinguish coming in the distance, and for those who dare to approach from behind, shall hear it going in the distance.

DSC_0106Future tentative plans include enhancements to the standard Bose sound system but as far as performance goes Sarge is quite contented with taming the beast in its present form....for now.