Motorsport is indeed the biggest spectator sport on the island. At many events, hundreds of spectators can be seen in various locations to get a glimpse of the action associated with rally. It is not only the average Barbadian who has an interest in the adrenaline pumping sport; for years corporate Barbados has used it as a successful marketing and advertising platform. Well known was the Texaco Suzuki Swift of Andrew Mallalieu, the Mobil Opel of Mike Gill and more recently the Banks WRC cars of Paul Bourne and the Chefette Speed Team cars.


A new idea of an even more positive and noble nature is the use of the sport as a launch pad and gateway of advocacy for charities. In 2012, Paul Inniss will be promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in conjunction with the HIV/AIDS Commission while the Watson brothers, Logan & Rhett, will be promoting breast cancer awareness with the Little Pink Gift Foundation under the banner of Team Pink. Although this combination of rallying and charitable ventures are seemingly more popular, the idea is not entirely new as a few years ago Harold 'Doc' Morley supported the Tyra-Lee Appeal.



paul_inniss_liveupPaul outlined to us how he got paired with the HIV/AIDS Commission.

"My uncle gave me the idea about spreading the awareness on HIV and AIDS through sports as he works for the Commission. So, I was telling him that rallying and motor sport receives the biggest spectator support and it's the best way to do it. From there I was in contact with the PRO from the Commission, Fabian Todd who E-mailed me all the info including the logo. Next I approached Illusiion Graphics who is one of my sponsors and they also liked the idea. With that we decided to put the sticker on the back glass and other places on the car to join the other stickers from Downes' Auto Body,J's Freighting, Hugh Simpson, Area 5 Auto Works, Becks Bar, Bartex Concrete Works and Erie Tyre Service.

I'm doing it because as a young person myself I think other young people can relate to me as one of their peers. Outside of that, it is needed as AIDS is an epidemic in the Caribbean. Through this medium they are guaranteed to reach the hundreds of spectators as we try to break the stigma and discrimination and promote the Live up, Love and Respect life campaign.

The National HIV/AIDS Commission coordinates Barbados' National AIDS Program

Its mission is to advise the Government of Barbados on plans and policies and to build strategic partnerships to effectively manage, control and reduce the spread of HIV in Barbados. We will also endeavor to mobilize widespread community participation and support their involvement in programmes of this nature."

logan_bros_pinkgiftThe brothers Rhett and Logan Watson, who together make up Watson Racing's driver line-up, have decided to dedicate their motorsport year to raising awareness of breast cancer and its treatments. To achieve this noble end, the team has paired up with The Little Pink Gift Foundation and its associated Team Pink and Support Circle subsets to spread the word.

In coming up with the idea to try to give back with his 'fame' Logan expressed a desire to assist 'Aunty Lynda' (Lewis), a Founding Trustee of The Little Pink Gift Foundation and her charity, as it was she who had taken him to his first rally events, many years ago; which sowed the seed that grew into his passion for rallying. For 2012, therefore, the Watson Racing BMW M3's will carry the livery of The Little Pink Gift Foundation, Team Pink, Support Circle and corporate sponsor Kraft Foods.

From the moment this concept was pitched to Kraft and local distributor Facey Trading Ltd., Adam Conyers, Commercial Manager, knew it was a winner. He was quick to express his joy in being able to use a wildly popular platform to promote his brands Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and Club Social, while being able to give back to this worthwhile cause.

Mrs. Carol-ann Gollop, President of The Little Pink Gift Foundation welcomes this initiative and is looking forward to the various promotions which will surround the cars and the team's fortunes throughout 2012. She further went on to say how excited she is to be working with the exemplary brands from Kraft Foods and the fillip which they can lend to this young Foundation.

Rhett and Logan Watson would like to take this opportunity to thank all of their fans and other sponsors for the year Formula1 High Performance Automotive Products, Liquid Wrench, Sign Depot and the ever present Unknown Entity.

The Little Pink Gift Foundation was established in October 2010 and provides financial assistance to individuals for their diagnosis and treatment procedures for Breast Cancer. It is Registered Charity #843

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women throughout the world. With early diagnosis and accurate testing procedures, the survival rates from this disease are extremely high. It is imperative, therefore, for women to receive prompt, accurate and thorough care.