rabbitt_portrait In 2010 he drove himself straight into the hearts of the thousands of racing fans last year at the Digicel/Williams International Race meet at the Bushy Park Race track. Unafraid to drive door-to-door and with a gritty determination and a never say die attitude, he battled alongside Justin Campbell and Hugh Simpson to take one of the three races in group 3A before his Tuning Factory Honda CRX was sidelined due to a mechanical problem. With such an impressive showing, there was no surprise at the inclusion of Irish Racer Barry Rabbitt for the 2011 running of the International Race meet.

At 31 years old, the diminutive Irishman has been racing for 11 years but described his first time here as truly unforgettable and an eye-opener. Don't think this is a bad thing; having raced in about six different countries the atmosphere generated by the fans and the media, along with the quality of the cars, he says is above all the others. In contact with many of the members from BARL over the last year and with the input of the event sponsors Digicel and Williams Industries, it was the easiest of all decisions to agree to return to Barbados to race again. With the final decision being made 3 weeks before the race meet, there was a scramble to find a car to race.

RabbittThe car chosen for this event worked out not to be the best because of its design. It is designed to the Irish Touring Car spec which placed him at a disadvantage in Barbados where he was grouped in 3C because of the space-framed design and sequential gearbox. In this group he was significantly down in power compared to the Nissan Skyline of Steve King and the 306 Maxi of Stuart Maloney. With the car flown in a week before the event, he spent many days at the track trying different springs and tires to get the most out of the car. Barry, a determined racer made the best of the outing and engaged in some good tussles throughout the day.

Outside of Barbados, Barry helps to run his family business, a transport company, Deliver It. Ideally, Barry would love to be a professional racer, but as a semi-professional he considers himself luckier than most. Putting it into perspective, he says that at the race meet over 10, 000 spectators were watching and very few will ever get to race and fewer will get to go overseas as he has to race. Becoming a pro-racer in this era is hard and he, like many others in his generation may never get to get to race professionally. In times past, the major determinant in landing a professional spot was talent level; now with motorsports being more of a business, talented drivers must also be bringing major finances to the table. This excludes some very talented drivers from getting that chance to make it big on the world scene.

rabbitt_crxNevertheless, Barry is eternally grateful to be doing what he has been where racing is concerned. He has driven for a number of teams and is now doing so for Buddy Club Ireland. Barbadians may also get to see that CRX which Barry piloted at the 2010 International once again. When Tuning Factory stopped racing he bought it and has been doing some upgrades. With this in mind, his hope is to return to these shores once again to resume his love affair with local racing in his CRX, albeit 50HP stronger and 150 lbs lighter.