Advertising Relationship
Advertising Account Manager - Barry Blenman

Mobile Phone Number: 246.254.1119

Information: Zhaust.com offers the opportunity for business houses to place advertisements on the site on a monthly basis using rotating banners. These advertisements are strategically placed on our web pages and are seen by thousands of viewers monthly. Our rates are affordable and offer great value to our clients.
Ideally zhaust.com is seeking to establish a longstanding professional relationship with its clients. We believe both parties can reap greater rewards from this approach. Naturally, different types of products and services will have varying promotional tactics and our account managers will be quite willing to help establish the best methods to benefit from using this medium.

Co-branding also presents a great opportunity to our clients. A company that places their logo or message on our projects and articles can benefit from the point of view that the viewer will sub-consciously associate that brand with the name zhaust.com, which stands for quality, professionalism and excitement.

Zhaust.com is constantly searching for new avenues to keep our name on the tongues of the people in our target market. This cannot be achieved in a vacuum so it is necessary that we align ourselves with other brands, thus establishing a symbiotic relationship with our clients, as they can benefit from being a part of our innovative and exciting endeavours as well. Zhaust.com plans to become involved in some new and creative events in the near future, as revenue permits and we believe partnering with other companies can make these events a success.